Using Google To Find A Lost Android Phone

Using Google To Find A Lost Android Phone

How do you find the phone number for your favorite pizza place? You Google it right? You go to get your phone but for some reason it’s not in its usual spot on the kitchen counter. Or anywhere else. Losing your smartphone is an unfortunate part of, well, owning a smartphone. It comes with the territory. You may leave it in another room of your house, forget it at work or maybe it fell between the seats of your car. And once you realize it’s not where you think you left it, a frantic search begins to bring it back into your immediate possession. Our friends at Google have recognized this problem and are now offering a solution. What do you do if you can’t find your phone? You Google that too!

Well, sort of. As long as your phone is logged into the same Google account as your PC and has the latest version of the Google app installed, just type “find my phone” into Google’s search engine. It will use a map to pinpoint the location of your android phone. This can be extremely helpful if you forgot your phone at work, at a friend’s house or in the bathroom of your local coffee shop. But what if your phone is somewhere inside your house? Google will show your house on the map, but that will do nothing to help you find your phone buried between the couch cushions.

Fortunately Google has thought of this too and you can click the Ring icon on the map and your phone will begin ringing at full volume for as long as five minutes. Once you locate the lost phone just hit the power button to silence the ringtone.

How about tablets? Good news. If you own one of the many Android tablets on the market this same process can work for you, just as long as the tablet is currently powered on. If your phone or tablet is missing you may be concerned that it was stolen. Searching for it could confirm this if it turns up in a strange place on the map. This may not help you get the phone back, but if you set up the Android Device Manager’s “Lock and Erase” function in advance, you’ll at least be able to keep your data secure.

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