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OneCoin Investors Arrested in China

OneCoin arrest in China based on the article 27th April. It was suspected earlier. It was because of the event in Harbin was indeed canceled because of the intervention of the Chinese authorities and there was some OneCoin investors arrested because of the criminal fundraising. The police in China have found about 27 million Euros worth of assets and money. Is this news true? There will be the explanation below, but if you need more about the clarification from Onecoin, there will be no answer for it.

Keep It Calm

The OneCoin Arrest  keep it calm but hits the Ponzi hard. The onecoin claims they have over 800.000 members in China. It is like a highly exaggerated figure. The latest news is when the OneCoin’s recruiters dealt as the criminal. Ut is a serious blow for the Ponzi scheme’s future. The member of it does not exist. The last event can be the end money flow from this country and Chinese authorities are now well aware of the onecoin;s true nature.

the member of onecoin is already got the warning about something happened in China. Their leader Ruja acts there is nothing happened. Onecoin founder and co-owner Ruja Ignatova was attending the event on April 23rd. Onecoin arrest is a reflection of the MLM destroying system.

Behind MLM

Talking about MLM is talking about the confirmation. Behind MLM can now confirm Chinese authorities are indeed investigating the onecoin. Several investors have been arrested. More than $30million USD has been seized. The police are warning the public against investing in the scheme. Guandong police investigation lead to a raid.

Onecoin arrest makes the three top Chinese OneCoin investors get arrested too with the total assets 200 million RMB. The authorities investigating onecoin estimate some 600 million RMB has been invested in Guangdong, Liaoning, Sichuan, Shandong, Hebei, Henan, Hunan, Heilongjiang, and another place. The Provincial Public Security Economic Crime Investigation held the public awareness on April 24th. In the late March, the arrest investors and seizure of more than $30 million dollars need to be explained to. There is still no clarification from Onecoin about the cancellation of Harbid event.

Everything has done outside the plan and all of it should be clarrificated. A news report from AZBTV has revealed that the amount of the seized assets has risen to $45.7 million USD. A thing to remember is something that has less work but get the high profit is something non-logic, especially if you are working in a company, not as the leader or as the founder of it. do not let yourself get influenced by it. working hard and pray hard are the key to reaching success and free financial problem. You can create your own business and get the freedom of time and financial, but as long as you are  under a kind of company, you cannot get them. It is very impossible to gain much profit with less work. Check again behind the MLM job description.